Rosey makes music about transformation, exploration, and creativity reborn and resurrected. Her work is a shedding of the skin, each project reflecting the vibrant phases in the ever-evolving career of singer, songwriter, producer & engineer, Nancy Kaye Hill.

First gaining international attention through her musical alter ego “Rosey”, Hill released her debut, Dirty Child, on Island/Def Jam. The album earned immediate acclaim, with accolades appearing everywhere from Billboard magazine, to Rolling Stone. Rosey performed on the The Tonight Show, was shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, toured alongside acts such as Morcheeba and Melissa Etheridge and appeared several times on her beloved KCRW’s famed “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” As “Rosey” Hill was able to, “…transform and change my perspective. I literally began looking at life in a new un-jaded, enchanted, warm and colorful ‘rosey’ way. The new name helped me to lower my walls, let out my fears and find strength in their wake.”

Rosey’s voice & words have been featured on many albums along side the likes of Reggie Watts, Beat Ventriloquists, Hilary Duff, Govinda & Susto, many of whom she also co-wrote, recorded and engineered tracks with including, Kelis, Raphael Saadiq, David Ryan Harris and Phillip Bailey. She has licensed her music to numerous film and television soundtracks. And with her Grammy award-winning musical partner, Carmen Rizzo, Rosey also formed the critically acclaimed world/dance trip-hop act Lal Meri.

After a fertile period in Los Angeles, Hill moved to Georgia, to hide out, write songs & practice permaculture. “With every new plot of land that I cultivated, the songs would flow. I felt connected to myself, and everything around me, like I never had before. My fear melted away.” She opened a prolific music studio, The Green House Atlanta. Together, were she records her own work, as well as tracks by some of the finest musicians in the area.

Meanwhile, Hill’s career as “Rosey” remains on track, her music continually licensed for film and television and her songs featured as theme songs for popular shows in the Middle East. Hill has even found herself recently doing press In Turkey, where she has an enormous following. And back at home in Georgia, Hill has been busy developing her latest creative project, yet another musical experiment that clearly expresses where she is now, both as an artist…and as a woman. Her upcoming album, I Heard You Been Singin’  is the result of deep inner exploration and communal experiment. “The songs are about clearly manifesting our visions,” Hill explains of the upcoming record, “It’s not just about me, we’re all Rosey!”

Empowerment, spiritual connection, the overcoming of obstacles in the continual search for the greater self, these are just a few of the deeper themes which resonant in the music of Rosey. As an artist, Hill is continually finding her own voice, in her own way. “I realize that part of my job as someone who channels their love and energy into music is to share this happiness with as many people as I can reach,” she says, “My hope is that it will transform everyone who hears it. I think if people can feel even 10% of the happiness I feel from making this music, then I know I’m doing my job here on earth.”

Look for I Heard You Been Singin’ being birthed into the consciousness in the new age of funk & blues in early 2018 @ROSEYMUSIC