Tomorrow Night is All Right!!

Tomorrow Night is All Right!! On 12/15/11, 2 Great bands are @The 5 Spot ATL, & I’m in Both of them! Creek Kin, our Collective band is at 9 & after many months in the Studio, at 11pm, emerges the one, the only, The LAW!!! We are so excited to bring our brand of Hillbilly Psychedelia back to the stage. Come get HIGH with us. xoxoN

The door is Opening & we must walk through. There is a heaven here on Earth & it starts deep inside of our most blessed Hearts. Goodbye Duality, Goodbye 3rd dimension & Hello Brave new world, we are Coming!!

Come & pray/breakdance with us this friday night @Farm 255, Athens, GA for 11/11/11. i’m going on at 11 with a special prayer for PEACE & rock&ROLL. xoNK