Rosey, “Love”

from ‘Dirty Child’  (Island/Def Jam)

“This was my first big break as a signed recording artist… I literally stayed up all night long in the studio trying to finish this song with my producer Darryl Swan, and around 10 AM the next day I drove over to the Island/Def Jam record label office across from the Whisky A Go Go from the Paramount Recording, the Hollywood studio I was working in, and as I walked the west coast label head was there and pumped to hear my brand new track. As we were playing it, the music supervisor from the Bridget Jones Diary movie walked in for a meeting. She said she loved the track and was excited to include it in the movie soundtrack.

I had no idea that this song would go as far as it did, reaching the top ten in Turkey & Japan, becoming the theme song for 5 years in a popular Israeli TV show called ‘Screenz,’ as well as ending up in several other movies and TV shows, and landing me an amazing publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

I had no idea then… that this movie and soundtrack were so well loved in the world, I found myself a year later with fans from all over the world from Russia to Canada and all points in between.  It was just a simple little song, I sang while walking the hills of San Fransisco from Lower Haight to Upper Haight, a little nursery rhymed that helped me manifest the greatest love of my life.

Write the future!”